Refund and Returns Policy

Terms and conditions


Our destinations are more exposed to changing natural conditions than normal holiday destinations. All this requires flexibility and our itinerary can be changed at short notice. Where possible, such changes will be announced prior to the conclusion of the agreement.

Where external circumstances (“force majeure”) make it impossible to carry out the travel arrangements, this normally does not result in a reduction in the price of the trip.

Please note that our travels mean that dangers and accidents can occur. You as a customer must be aware that participation is done on your own responsibility.

Our journeys often take place in a weathered area, and the travel logistics are vulnerable to bad weather. We will do what we can to arrange alternative transportation in this case. Seil Bifrost can not be held responsible for additional costs. New tickets, transport costs, boarding and lodging etc. in this case you must cover yourself.


You are required to have taken out an adequate travel insurance.

You are responsible for verifying that travel documents received are in accordance with your booking.

Some of our tours are physically and technically demanding. You are therefore required to be in good physical and mental shape and well technically prepared upon departure. Contact Seil Bifrost for physical form and technical expertise requirements for your trip.

You must follow the instructions given by the tour guides on the trip.

Any threatening or unpleasant behavior gives us the right to exclude you from the rest of the trip without refunds.

You may be liable for damages if you intentionally or negligently inflict loss on the organizer.

Seil Bifrost assumes no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by the traveler’s own neglect.

Additional activities such as kayaking, free diving, skiing, cycling and mountain trips etc are done at the participants’ own risk. Sailing Bifrost does not take part in planning or responsibility for trips and excursions outside sailing, if this is not specified in the tour programme.


Registration / booking of trips must take place in writing or electronically, and is binding. The right of withdrawal is not applicable to reservation services.

For courses / journeys with a total amount of less than NOK 10,000, the entire amount is invoiced at registration.

Changes to the booking are possible for the trip within the same season, provided the change is possible


Our boat insurance covers any injuries on our passengers while on board.

Sail Bifrost undertakes to implement an agreed program of itinerary and content in accordance with the posted travel description, except in limiting circumstances out of our control.


Any cancellation must be in writing or electronically.

Refunds when canceling a trip are made according to the following rules: I the tour is canceled between 59 and 30 days before departure, 50 percent of the total travel amount will be lost. If canceled less than 30 days before departure, 100 percent of the total travel amount will be lost.

In bookings where a booking deposit is required (bareboat), only the deposit is lost when cancelling more than 60 days before the trip.


If you believe that there is a fault / defect in the trip, you must immediately contact the tour manager. If the error / defect is not rectified and you want to advertise on the journey when you return home, a written, justified complaint must be sent to Seil Bifrost within one month of the end of the trip.

If a dispute arises as to the understanding of the above travel conditions, this may be brought before a dispute settlement body. Each lawsuit must be regulated under Norwegian law.