Now we are heading towards darker times and work on a different team with us, and Bifrost will have a long winter holiday with some upgrades and maintenance.

The 2022 sailing season started when we were visited by a group of skilled skiers from Canada and Sweden. Our ski guide Christian, from Arctic Sea to Summits, helped create epic experiences for the group here at home in the Grytøya mountains. Many great photos were taken and shared on social media, and we finally fulfilled our dream of photos of Bifrost sailing under the northern lights. Since then, we have had visitors from Kristiansand high school, and guests from abroad who wanted to experience northern Norway in winter. Bifrost was busy with ski and sail from Harstad all the way up to Lyngen and Alta in collaboration with Seil Norge, and our Top to Top guide Dario Schwörer. During the summer season, Bifrost was rented out as a bareboat for a few weeks, while we had enough with farmworking at home. During the summer, Bifrost has been on no less than 6 trips to Lofoten and Vesterålen, as well as visits to our beautiful archipelago here in Harstad. The season ended with a week trip with a family from India who had little idea of ​​what awaited them. They hadn’t been this far north before, so we had to dress them up in wool and shell clothes from head to toe. Fortunately, the weather was on our side, and we had a few lovely days with sun during the day and the northern lights dancing over the top of the mast in the evenings. With the September colors that charmed from the forest, and crystal clear water under paddleboards, the long-distance travelers got to see the island kingdom at its best. We impressed each other with local dishes both from Norway and India, with ingredients from the farm and self-caught seafood! A wonderful end to a nice, busy season.

We are now looking forward to a break, and to meeting many new sailors from all over the world when the next season starts in March 2023.