Seilturer i Nord-Norges vakre skjærgård

Den bortgjemte perlen Harstad, – det er her du finner de ekte og uforstyrrede omgivelsene!

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Lei «Bifrost» i Harstad, Lofoten og Vesterålen

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Om oss

Etter mange eventyr på de sydlige breddegrader, har vi endelig funnet roen her nord og innsett at vi bor i verdens vakreste øyrike. Her skal vi fortsette å seile, samt skape et tilbud til lokale og besøkende som vil oppleve nord-Norges kystperler.

Kombiner seilturen med en fjelltur, padling eller ren rekreasjon i vår flotte natur- det er her du finner de ekte og uforstyrrede stedene!

  • Fantastic experience experience

    My wife and I were on a sailing course with Seil Bifrost last weekend. This was a course that was both inspiring and that gave more taste for sailing. The course itself was set up in a good way with briefing / theory before we started sailing. Skipper Halvard has a calm and educational way of guiding us around, and he was good at taking the scary thing out of sailing a boat like Bifrost. We sailed in the local area around Harstad, and it is fantastic to see how nice an archipelago we have here in the area. The actual booking process and communication prior to the course went terrific. This was a fantastic weekend for both of us who have definitely kickstarted the dream of getting our own sailboat.

    - Hans- Chritian Lysgaard, seilkurs mai 2021

  • so much more than we could ever have wished for! experience

    "This was such an amazing adventure. This trip was so much more than we could ever have wished for! I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape and the hospitality of our hosts Halvard and Ann Helen. We sailed between the islands surrounded by the white mountainpeaks And to make it all compleet, We got to see the magical northern lights! And we were very happy with the comfort of our accommodation! I would love to go back again. Thank you very much!"

    - Maurice Dun,28, Nederland. Båt og skipper, dagstur februar 2020.

  • Strongly reccomended. experience

    Fantastic trip with Bifrost. The boat is easy to learn and nice to handle, well equipped and very comfortable for our 2 families (8 pers). Very nice and serious landlords who ensured good standards and hygiene - as well as a thorough review (safety first) before departure. Highly recommended.

    - Jill Lepsøe, Norge. Bareboatleie juli 2020

  • Thumbs up! experience

    We were 4 couples who rented Bifrost from Halvard and Ann-Helen for a 10-day sailing trip around Lofoten. The trip and the nature were exceptional and the boat was a dream to both sail and live in. The boat is well equipped with all safety equipment, good sails and a lot of useful equipment. Everything you need for a good experience is taken care of.
    We want to praise Ann-Helen for good communication and organization ahead of the trip. Halvard sailed the boat into Harstad for us and had a thorough review of the boat and the technical, gave us some tips and hints and was on the whole very welcoming. This is a helproft and serious couple that we are more than happy to rent a boat from again.

    Thumbs up from us.

    - Andreas Loga, Norge. Bareboatleie juli 2020

  • Dream weekend for the whole family experience

    Weekend trip with the family under the auspices of Bifrost and Arctic sea to summit can really be recommended.
    Bifrost is an excellent base for dealing with everything the archipelago outside Harstad has to offer.
    Skipper Hallvards quickly made sure to get everyone involved in setting the mainsail and maneuvering the boat.
    Good local knowledge ensured that we ended up in the best places, both for day activities and to find peace for the night.
    Bifrost is well equipped with everything you need for both food preparation and comfortable accommodation.
    This combined with good weather, many organized activities under the auspices of activity guide Christian, made sure that this really became a dream weekend for the whole family.????
    This can really be recommended for everyone else who wants an activity-filled weekend as well as an introduction to sailing life.
    We will be happy to return!

    Ragnhild Mikkelsen, Norge. Arctic Sea to summits familiehelg, juni 2020.

  • Diamond in the rough experience

    We found this diamond in the rough with this sailing excursion. The couple who own it took us out on their sailboat. It will be the highlight of our trip to Norway. They are incredibly nice people. We got to catch our own lunch fishing for cod which we caught in 2 minutes. The wife cooked a fish soup with the fresh cod. It was excellent. The day was wonderful talking learning about Viking history and enjoying the beautiful archipelago on a daytrip around Harstad.

    Steve Mancini, USA, Daytrip august 2023